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Addons allow an extension of the core functionality that LOKE provides. Some features do not function without an addon, such as ordering.


If the product you are integrating into LOKE is web based then you may be better off looking at SSO or Web Payments.

Installing Addons


This section assumes an addon has already been created and provides instructions on how to connect the addon to an organisation and configure it.

Creating Addons


Creating an addon does not automatically install the addon. See above for instructions on installing the addon once you have created the addon.

Creating Credentials

In order for your addon to use the API it must first obtain client credentials.

Please contact LOKE support to obtain these.

Addon Metadata

An addon must expose it's metadata on a well-known endpoint /.loke/addon-meta.

The metadata must be returned in JSON format and contain the following fields:

  • name - Display name
  • clientId - See above
  • description - Textual description
  • imageUrl - URL to image for display purposes. Must be square ratio and ? pixels in diameter to display correctly.
  • configureUrl - URL template to navigate to when user presses configure
  • statusUrl - URL template to fetch status information on the current status of an organisation's configuration status.
  • metaUrl - URL for metadata. Should typically be the same as this URL. Updating can allow for transition to new endpoints.

Authenticating with the API

At present the only option for authenticating with the API is to use OAuth to be granted access and refresh tokens.

Using the API

See public API docs