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Welcome to LOKE Partner Documentation

What sort of services are you offering? Note: if you are integrating from multiple fronts, eg point-of-sale and loyalty you may need to look at multiple interfaces.

Point of Sale System

Have a POS system? Receive orders sent from customer apps and charge customers directly from the terminal.

CRM and Marketing Software

Have a marketing tool or CRM? LOKE Loyalty can push customer details to your system.

  • Sync customer profiles and transaction events from LOKE. See the Public API CRM Integration Guide
  • Offer buy-ins to VIP lists using Promotion Webhooks receiver.
  • Send out custom rewards using Promotion Webhooks receiver.
  • Manage customer segment/list membership in LOKE Loyalty by using the Public API allowing targeted offers and push notifications based on your customer segments and rules.
  • Adjust a LOKE Loyalty members' points balance using the Public API, allowing the customer to be rewarded for promotions and rules in your system.