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Aston Merchant Admin UI

Planned feature

Most merchants are expected to manage merchant and gateway configuration through the client service (for example Tidy), however a basic user interface is to be provided for reporting, banking, and transaction management.


  • Order - an order is representative of a customer order, invoice, check, etc. An order can be paid for with a combination of discounts, credits and payments.
  • Discount - a customer can receive a percentage discount at one or more merchants. The order total will be reduced by the percentage amount. This feature is typically used for staff and member discounts.
  • Credit - a customer can receive credit for a merchant. Typically credit is received as a form of loyalty bonus, but could also be assigned for other means. Credit can be used as a replacement for payments.
  • Payment - customers will typically pay for all or most of an order with a payment. Payments are processed through an external gateway, typically Braintree. Adapters can be built for other gateways provided the required features are available.


Gateway and Merchant Management

Gateway features include:

  • Configuring/adding new gateways
  • Select gateway in use for merchants
  • Updating bank details for merchants used for ABA
  • Configure banking times and timezones (end of business)

Order Management

Order management features include:

  • Listing and searching orders
  • Viewing order payment breakdown (discounts, credits, payments)
  • Viewing payment details
  • Refunding orders
  • Cancelling authorised (pending) orders

Payment Management

Payment management features include:

  • Listing and searching payments
  • Viewing payment details


Banking features include:

  • View past banking batches
  • Regenerate ABA files


Reporting features include:

  • Configure email addresses for receiving reports (and ABA files)
  • Generation of ABA files for sets of gateways to assist in the transfer of funds
  • Generation of per-merchant daily summary reports
  • Generation of per-merchant tax invoices for Aston Club managed gateways (where fees are withheld)