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Customer Sync Adapter

This allows for customer information to be submitted to a third party system, such as a CRM.

The following information can be utilised for external integrations:

Customer Profile

id - string identifier
emailAddress - note: can be null if customer signs up using Facebook
phoneNumber - note: often null until user adds a payment method
avatar - URL to profile image if available
DOB - string format yyyy-MM-dd
DOBMonth - number
DOBDayOfMonth - number
createdAt - ISO8601 string, UTC timezone
pointsBalance - current balance (number)

there are also a bunch of stats that get attached if they are updated:

- Total spend (does not include spend outside the app)
- Number of times performed Facebook checkin
- Total number of points earned
- Total number of points redeemed
- Last spend (transaction) date


location - location/store if applicable to this transaction
  id - unique identifier for the location/store
  name - display name of the store
spendAmount - number - total spend
transactionId - transaction unique identifier
time - timestamp of the transaction, ISO8601 UTC
items - array of items, if available
  amount - total amount (qty * item cost)
  quantity - number of items included
  product - product details
    name - product display name
    sku - product identifier if available

Promotions Activity

Same for each event on a promotion

id - string unique ID
type - type string
title - promotion title
details - promotion details (may contain markdown)
rewards - array of rewards applied be the promotion... fields:
  type - reward.type,
  item - item reward or null
    id - unique identifier for the item reward
    name - display name for the reward
  points - number or null
  credit - number or null (dollar reward)
  expiryDuration - credit and items can expire at a defined interval. ISO8601 UTC string
  expiry - credit and items can expire at a specific time. ISO8601 UTC string
price - the cost of this promotion to the user
  amount - number of {type}
  type - string DOLLARS/POINTS
conditions - limitations of the promotion
  maxRedemptions - total limit for redemptions
  maxCustomerRedemptions - "per-customer" limit
  maxOneRedemptionPer: time-based limit
startedAt: ISO8601 timestamp string, UTC
endsAt: promotion will terminate at this ISO8601 timestamp string, UTC
createdAt: ISO8601 timestamp string, UTC

Unique for each activity

id - string unique ID of this particular redemption
completedAt - customerPromotion.completed || undefined,